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Dinner menu
for the weeks of 02/07/12- 02/17/12

Soups and Salads

Black Bean Soup $6.50
with apple cured bacon, platanos fritos and crème fraiche

Caldo de mariscos $7.50
Shellfish broth with seafood and fresh vegetables

Caesar Salad $6.50
with shaved queso manchego

House Salad $5.95
of mixed lettuce with cucumbers, tomatoes and pistachios in a sherry vinaigrette

Roasted beet Salad $6.50
roasted beetss with mixed lettuce and toasted walnuts in citrus vinaigrette


Sweety hot peppers
filled with chorizo and topped with cheese

Pionono $9.50
Platanos filled with beef picadillo

Mussels $11.00
in pasilla pepper broth with corn, jicama and cilantro

Peruvian Ceviche $10.50
with traditional garnishes


Trout relleno $22.50
Trout filled with corn, poblano peppers, onions and cheese. With roaseted sauce

Shrimp $21.50
sauteed then baked in Brazilian style cheese. Served with rice and calabaza

Grilled grouper $21.50
with Dominican coconut milk, leeks and pepper sauce. Served with plantain flan

Seared scallops $25.50
in Trinidadian tamarind sauce served with polenta triangles

Roasted Springer Farms chicken breast $21.50
filled with dry peaches, bacon and spinach. Served with traditional mashed potatoes

Beef Tenderloin $25.50
over gordita with Mayan green sauce and cheese

Grilled Pork Medallions $21.50
with tropical fruit relish and chipotle mashed potatoes

Vegetable plate

with your choice of any four sides

Sides $4.00

Chipotle mashed potatoes - Calabaza - Sautéed kale Bahia - Platanos fritos - Tropical fruit relish - Curtido----Rice--Asparagus


Cuban coffe flan $6.00

Tres leches cake $7.00

Salvadorean fig pie $6.50

Cajeta crepes $6.00

Tierra lime ice cream $5.00

Tierra dulce de leche ice cream $5.50

Tropical fruit sorbet of the week $5.00



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