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History of Tierra

Tierra opened for business February 16th, 1999. Dan and Ticha Krinsky are co-chefs and co-owners. Dan learned his skills in restaurants and hotels in the San Francisco Bay area and Ticha honed her skills in restaurants and private clubs in the Atlanta area.

Ticha is from Central America and was raised in South America having lived in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Panama and Nicaragua. Dan is from New York and pairing his love of food and classical training to Ticha’s understanding of the different flavors of Latin America and the Caribbean have made Tierra the success that it is today.

In addition to the seasonal menu, Dan and Ticha also celebrate the individual country by having five to six “National Day Weeks” each year when in addition to the regular menu a single country is featured in a three course prix fix of truly authentic recipes. These menus are very popular because customers have a rare opportunity to enjoy what would be a home cooked meal in the country featured and at a reasonable price.

In order to keep their taste buds current the couple closes the restaurant twice a year to travel to a Latin American country in order to visit the markets, eat in the restaurants and talk with local chefs.

How it works

Ticha and Dan are co-chefs, so even though they both work during the day in the preparation and planning of the meals, they rotate the evening kitchen responsibilities weekly. “That way one of us in always in the kitchen, while the other manages the dining room” says Ticha. “Our guests love that they can count on one of us being able to answer any questions while trusting that the food is being carefully prepared by the other owner” says Dan.

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